Sunset Park
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This area is for neighborhood pictures, recent events and other images.

While this page is under construction, please visit our main gallery:
  Sunset Park Photo Gallery

Life in Sunset Park - click here
The Life in Sunset Park Gallery is a collection of photographs donated by those that have lived and/or grew up in Sunset Park. The collection is intended to allow those currently living in Sunset Park today to see and feel what it was like to have lived back then.

If you have a photo collection that you would like to share for future generations to enjoy, please contact us. The photo collection will be named after your family name.
Life in Sunset Park photo collection

Historical Information - click here
The Historical Information Gallery is a collection of newsaper clippings, deed records, old documents, old photographs and anything else mentioning Sunset Park from 1912 through to today.
Sunset Park Historical Information

Houses in Sunset Park - click here
The Houses in Sunset Park Gallery is a house-by-house, street-by-street collection matching a photo of the house with it's description from the 1996 Architectural Survey that was completed by the city. We will note that not all the information in the survey is 100% correct. If you have more accurate information, please email us or log in and make a comment under the photo.

This Gallery also contains information on houses that have qualified for the Historic Wilmington Foundation plaque program.
Houses in Sunset Park

Schools in Sunset Park - click here
A collection of documents and photos about the schools in Sunset Park including the Sunset Park School (Lucile Shuffler building), the New Sunset Park School/Sunset Park Junior High and soon to include information on the current Sunset Park Elementary School.

Included is a section with research trying to find out more on Lucile Shuffler to help learn who she was.
Schools in Sunset Park