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The DRAMTREE is a publication of the Sunset Park Neighborhood Association.
  DramTree Newsletter
The Sunset Park Neighborhood Association newsletter "The DRAMTREE" is made available to all homes in Sunset Park. We encourage you to join or renew your membership to the SPNA. Your membership helps with the organizing of events and promoting neighborhood awareness.

To join or renew your membership to the SPNA, print and complete the following form and return with a check for $10 to:

Sunset Park Neighborhood Association (SPNA)
2022 Washington Street, Wilmington NC 28401

or contact Johnnie Henagan: or (910)762-8596

Click on the Membership Form below to open a printable version:
Sunset Park Neighborhood Association Membership Form

Below is an archive of The DRAMTREE issues.

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September 2008
Tuesday, September 30th meeting at Sunset Park Baptist Church. Steve Harrell, Community Services Director and Chief of Code Enforcement will present a review of significant codes and answer general questions relative to city codes. Many changes have been made in City and County contact phone numbers for utilities which have been included.

June 2008
Tuesday, June 10th meeting at Sunset Park Baptist Church. Presenting will be Ms. Maggie O' Connor, Historic Planner for the City of Wilmington and Ms. Kaye Graybeal, Director of Planning providing information on Sunset Park and it's historic status. Sunset Park Elementary waiting for permits for improvements to start in August 2008. Thanks to volunteers who helped with area clean-up on April 19th. Construction for traffic calming on Northern and Central have begun.

February 2008
Tuesday, February 26th meeting at Sunset Park Baptist Church. Sgt Amy Dover, Wilmington Police Dept team leader of the Gang Task Force, will present. May 3, 2008, the submarine, USS North Carolina will be at the State Port for commissioning. Welcome to new residents, please be advised of city ordinances regarding garbage, trash, recycling, and parking.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

November 2007
November 27th meeting at Sunset Park Baptist Church. Al Smilas, General Manager of VOPAK will provide information regarding his facility located within the North Gate of the Port. President's "Thank You" for everyone's dedication to the neighborhood and support of the Association. Assembly of Luminaries is 10am, Dec 8th. Lighting of Luminaries at 6pm, Dec. 9th.

July 2007
Neighborhood Picnic and Celebration on July 28, 2007 along the 300 block of Northern Blvd.

February 2007
February 2th meeting at Sunset Park Baptist Church. Director of the Animal Control division of NH Health Dept. Recognition of 416 Central Blvd receiving plaque by Historic Wilmington Foundation. So many for sale signs means we will be getting new neighbors.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

December 2006
December 5th meeting at Sunset Park Baptist Church. Architect for New Hanover Board of Education, President's highlights, Holiday Luminary Tradition

October 2006
Historic Sunset Park Sign Dedication and Recognition Ceremonies for 416 Northern followed by refreshments and reception at Sunset Park Baptist Church Fellowship Hall at 231 Central Blvd.

July 2006
July 25th meeting at Sunset Park Baptist Church. Completion of Central Blvd sign. Sign dedication in late September. Yard of the Month. Safety Information.

February 2006
February 28th meeting at Sunset Park Baptist Church. A special presentation wil be made by District Attorney Ben David and City Attorney Bill Wolak addressing quality of life concerns. A sincere "thank you" to all who participated in the annual Luminary project. Entrance sign nearing completion. Azalea Pride clean-up. Rain barrel sale. Thought for the day. Announcements. Yard of the month. Junior piano competition.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

October 2005
October 13th meeting at Sunset Park Baptist Church. Mr. Michael Allen, Code Enforcement officer; and Mr. Dave Bundick, City Waste Management presenting. Thank-you to the City for the resurfacing of several streets. Yard of the Month. Election Day. Tax Credits available. Trash schedule and rules. Boulevard plazas not dumping grounds. Hugo Neu Update. Halloween alternative at Sunset Park Baptist Church.

April 2005
April 21st meeting at Sunset Park Baptist Church. Presentation by Mr. Salvador Vasquez of Efficient Air Flow, regarding fire hazards by lint build-up in clothes dryers. Process of Central sign contract award. The Healing Field. Sidewalk repairs. Police update. Yard of the month. Hugo Neu update.

Archive of past issues for 2005 coming soon.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
December 2004
December 7th meeting at Sunset Park Baptist Church. Plans for annual Luminaries and elections. Fall Festival "Thank You." Upcoming events. Senior health care benefits. Security information. Speed limit. Littering. Luminaries. Entrance sign. Sewage problems. Happy holidays. Kids voting. Join or renew membership.

September 2004
September 23rd meeting at Sunset Park Baptist Church. Wayne Johnson and Becky Pils, from the city's Planning and Development Dept. presenting information and input regarding the Carolina Beach Corridor. Speed limits 25-MPH. Please number your house. Leash laws. Welcome Chief Evangelous. Wanted - old cell phones, musicians and volunteers. Fall Festival information.

June 2004
June 24th meeting at Sunset Park Baptist Church. Jim Flechtner from the city's Traffic and Planning Department. Historical information about Sunset Park's National Historic Register application process.

May 2004
May 27th meeting at Sunset Park Baptist Church. Bill Bennett, Director of Engineering, State Port Authority regarding plans for expansion of Wilmington Port, security, buffering, etc. Welcome to the large number of new residents. City codes listed because of complaints regarding violations of codes.